Desplaçats a Tigoni

Sembla que a l’estació de policia de Tigoni s’hi va amuntegant gent. la CNN ho explica així:

Just Wednesday, Mwangi said, 6,000 people converged on an internally displaced persons camp on the very day it opened, in the town of Limuru, in central Kenya.

That camp is one of roughly 300 internally displaced camps in Kenya, which has long sheltered hundreds of thousands of refugees from other nations in sprawling refugee camps but has erected such camps for uprooted Kenyans only after natural disasters, Mwangi said.

“We’ve never known internally displaced camps like this,” he said.

Però la premsa kenyana diu clarament:

In Limuru, 6,000 displaced people were camping at the Tigoni police station, up from only 45 on Friday last week.

Un policia vigilant un camp de refugiats prop de Limuru (EFE)

Intentarem tenir notícies noves de les de Kimlea.


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