Notícies de Kimlea

Escriuen des de Kimlea sobre la situació en aquella zona de Kenya, a la qual hem fet referència en diversos posts. A més de moltes notícies sobre la Clínica, Maramba i Gatina, que ja explicarem, la Frankie diu:

Although there were skirmishes in Limuru and Tigoni, they did not reach us, thanks be to God. The people in Maramba and Gatina are okay. There is no problem in the plantations now but in some of them the people who were not Kikuyus have been sent away to their ancestral homes.

In Kimlea we have not been affected at all but there are several students whose families were affected and some are living in the displacement camps in a miserable situation. We are studying ways of helping them even if only with food, clothing and medicine. We have been going with groups of our students to visit those in the displacement camp in Limuru (about 1000 families) and the situation is pathetic. It makes me cry and I feel helpless to solve a problem of such magnitude.

Kianda Foundation is currently working on a plan to train the young girls and mothers from these camps in Kimlea until they are settled elsewhere.

És moment d’aconseguir encara més recursos! Recordem a tothom que hi ha una festa divendres vinent amb aquesta finalitat…

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