Nou Nation, Nou East Standard

El Daily Nation, que sortia al post anterior, ha canviat de web: ha canviat l’adreça (i nosaltres també, a la barra de la dreta) i el disseny. Incorpora vídeos i tot. També ha canviat de web l’East African. Tots dos són del Nation Media Group.

Això és el que en diuen els editors:

Del Daily Nation:

The Daily Nation is the leading paper in East and Central Africa both in editorial, circulation and readership. This feat has been achieved over the years through authoritative publication based on truth, reliability, respectability and independence. The editorial content is well researched and rich in: Economics, Business, Social, Education, Science, Politics, Entertainment, Sports news and much more. It retails at Kshs 35 and is sold mainly in Kenya with a few copies in Tanzania and Uganda. In Kenya, when someone says give me a newspaper, they mean give me a Daily Nation. The paper delivers to you the family. The readers are concerned with knowing what is happening in politics and other big stories. They range from middle to high spenders.

De l’East African:

The East African is a regional weekly publication with a focus on economic and political issues affecting the East African region .It is published on Sunday and retails at KES 60, UGX 1500, TZS 1000 & Rwanda 400.It is sold in Kenya (50%), Uganda (20%) and Tanzania (30%). A few copies are selling in Rwanda and Congo and these will be growing in the near future.The paper delivers to you the East African professional. This is a person who in high to mid-level management in commercial enterprises, government and NGOs. They interact with peers across the East African countries and their work is affected by political and business events across the region. They are mid to high income earners who are prestige driven. They look for self improvement and social status and are high spenders in items that improve and portray their high standard of life.

Modestament, el lema del Daily Nation és The Truth.

Logo del diari

Logo del diari